Where’s Nate Easley now?

Look who’s showing up to important-looking mayoral candidate forums during working hours way across town from his own district…

An emailed invitation from KIPP schools. Click to enlarge.

Isn’t he supposed to be at work at 8:30 a.m. on a Friday? Is the Denver Scholarship Program giving him time off for board business?

If he’s got time for these important appearances as a “special guest,” why doesn’t he have time to return calls or show up to meetings in his own community?

And to make matters worse, they’ve even got the logo of the new charter school that’s replacing Rachel B. Noel Middle School, which he voted for.  But community doesn’t realize that their kids can’t automatically go to that school now.  If they’re not accepted, they have to try to find some other middle school for their kids…maybe even across town.

It’s too late, Nate.

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  1. I do not have any children nor am I an educator, however, the children are my future and thus I feel responsible for their education. It is my belief that all adults – whether they have children or not – are responsible in taking care of the children in making sure they receive a quality education. Our children need a reliable advocate.

    I did not vote for Nate Easley, as I did not believe his profile indicated he would work in the best interest of Denver Public Schools’ students. In fact, his profile told me that he was willing to go along with whatever the current board’s plans and as a careful observer, I did not believe they were working for our students. In my opinion, the board – both past and current – is wastefully filling seats and is going along just to get along. I do not believe they care what type of education our children receive. And because I did not believe they were doing their job, I thought it was best that they fully dissolve and start over, as their previous plans were not working.

    It is/was my belief that Mr. Easley would join the masses and not do anything, and although I do not have a big ego, sadly and unfortunately, I was right.

    As the years come and go, it has become more apparent that Denver Public Schools is no longer a learning institution, but a business. It appears to me, that educating our children is not the communal goal, but a chance to make a name for those who fit into the bureaucratic deception. (Yes, I’m an avid voter, but there is too much self promoting within Denver Public Schools and many just want to make a name for themselves for political office. What about the children? Yes, DPS is an representative government institution, but I ask again, what about the best interest of our children?)

    What is confusing to me, is that Mr. Easley successfully graduated from Montbello High School, but only now agrees that the school is unfit. (?) HUMPH! Says whom? Why not insure quality teachers are employed to teach our children?

    It seems as if the more businesses get involved in Denver Public Schools, the more schools they find unfit. Then, the business comes in and throws money in and at Denver Public Schools and their administrators decides its time to close schools and build new ones. I don’t understand the logic. How are the children benefiting? What are Nate Easley and the other board members doing for our children? Is it always going to be corporate-driven? Is it whatever Superintendent Boasberg says and there is no discussions and/or desires to encourage growth in our children? (I have not forgotten Michael Bennet’s ideas of what our children need. His plan was all about self-promoting himself while deceiving DPS employees out of their pensions.)

    Although I have not attended recent board meetings, I have been reading board member, Ms. Andrea Merida’s posts and it is obvious which side Mr. Easley stands and he is NOT in favor of the students. As previously stated, he is just going along to get along; making a name for himself. Honestly, I have nothing against anyone who self-promotes, but only when it sincerely assists others. It should not be about me, but what I can do for others. (Oh this “me, me” and “what about me” society.)

    I’m sure Nate Easley made a promise – an oath to work for the best interest of our students. HUMPH, I DISAGREE!

    Oh how hard it is to live next door to a FORMER Nate Easley supporter. Balloters need to read and research those who NEED our vote and not just listen to the lip service and remember the old adage: “Talk is cheap.”

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