The true key to reform

We’re big fans of the Richard Harwood Institute over here at DeFENSE, simply because he understands that real change cannot happen without the buy-in of ALL  stakeholders, not just the power brokers.  Those of us with ties to the Denver Public Schools know that this has often been the big problem.  We know that the lackluster results of our schools has much to do with the fact that there is no global buy-in of initiatives.

Harwood makes a thoughtful analysis of the D.C. schools in the post-Fenty era.  For those that don’t know, Adrian Fenty just lost his reelection bid as mayor of Washington, D.C.  He was known in the pro-“reform” circles as being tough and courageous.  Some people have a different idea, however.

Harwood writes,

The key to reform is to root it in people’s shared aspirations for their community, and not to make it merely about best practices anointed by a cadre of professionals.

Amen.  Read on, and come back here to comment.

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