Stand for Children’s big money

An out-of-state special interest group fueled by oil company dollars is “organizing” parents in North Denver.  Stand for Children came to Denver to elect pro-charter school board candidates to the Denver School Board

(“Stand for Children’s first push in Colorado is the election for Denver’s school board — the governing body that is effectively Boasberg’s boss”— Denver Post, 9/29/2009)

Do we need pro-charter, oil money fueled organizations telling us how to vote in North Denver? Do we want out-of-state special interests targeting our elected officials?  We don’t need organizations spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to attack our representatives.

Stand’s ties to right-wing political operatives is clear….

While Stand claims to be a parent organization that supports education, in reality it is an “astroturf” (fake grassroots) organization that works to elect anti-education funding Republicans in Denver, pumping money and volunteers into an effort to defeat Democratic legislator Rep. Dan Kagan in House District Three

Stand's association to right-wing entities

Stand uses a shadowy “527” organization to bring out-of-state corporate money into Colorado, to fund their operations against school board members and other elected officials that fight for neighborhood schools.
Stand has raised over $120,000 since August alone, making it the biggest repository of big money in education “reform” in Colorado.
Huge donations come from Chicago (Bruce Rauner, $49,995) and New York (Jonathon Gray, $29,995).  Over 72% of Stand’s donors are from outside of Colorado, according to recent campaign finance filings.  Using a 527 allows Stand to white-wash giant corporate contributions before they are spent in local school board races.

Download this information as a flier below.

Stand’s Big Money Flyer

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