Rupert Murdoch paid Van Schoales’ salary, funded Education Reform Now

Rupert Murdoch is funding the One Chance Colorado campaign.
The Grand Poo-Bah of Corporate Irresponsibility, Rupert Murdoch

No, we’re not joking.

The New York Times reported on July 23, 2011, that:

Mr. Murdoch began to put his own money behind Mr. Klein’s efforts. At one point, he quietly donated $1 million to an advocacy group, Education Reform Now, run by Mr. Klein, bankrolling a continuing campaign to overturn a state law protecting older teachers, according to a person told of the contribution.

The story about Rupert Murdoch’s involvement with failed corporate education reform is here.

So, what does this have to do with Van Schoales?  Well, until very recently, he was the executive director of Education Reform Now, based here in Denver.  Van has now gone on to lead everyone’s favorite faux community outreach group, A Plus Denver.  His attack poodle, Myles Mendoza, also an employee of Education Reform Now, still works there and even recently gave a party to celebrate the victory of vouchers in Douglas County, CO.

A strange outcropping from all this is this hokey One Chance Colorado campaign that has magically appeared out of nowhere.  As the spoof site tells us, the partners in this pull-the-wool campaign are Stand for Children (led nationally by Jonah “It’s Not Really About the Kids” Edelman) Colorado, Colorado Children’s Campaign, Colorado Succeeds/BizCARES, Democrats for Education Reform-Colorado, Get Smart Schools, Education Reform Now (Murdoch money!), and A+ Denver.  Wow.

According to them, the solution for providing Colorado kids the chance to succeed is “(e)very child in every neighborhood deserves a school with great teachers and leaders who will renew focus on the fundamentals of reading, writing and math – today, not tomorrow. ”

So, in other words, you can kiss your whole-child curriculum good-bye.  No foreign languages.  No calculus or trigonometry.  No physical education.  No arts or music.  In short, if One Chance Colorado has their way, there will be nothing that colleges actually look for in entrance applications or nothing that scholarship review committees want to see.  DPS is 70% low income (free and reduced lunch).  So they won’t even have a shot at a great college education or even a scholarship because One Chance Colorado wants to only focus on what’s on a standardized test.

Is that the kind of education you want for your kids?  As Diane Ravitch said at the Save Our Schools march,

Regardless of their origin or neighborhood, all kids deserve the same kind of education that children get at Sidwell Friends (where the President’s children attend).

Heckuva job, One Chance Colorado!



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