Right-wing funders for “Waiting for Superman”?

Check out this interesting blog post from Schools Matter:

“…the Anschutz Foundation, chaired and financed by Philip, is quite fond of some of the biggest players in conservative education advocacy: the Manhattan Institute, Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, Hoover Institution, and the American Enterprise Institute.  The foundation also gives to the Freedom Works Foundation, Washington Legal Foundation, and various other influential think tanks/organizations.  I won’t really get into it here, but it’s fair to say this foundation uses their philanthropic arm much the way the Koch brothers do: to further their own conservative agenda while creating a climate that is more friendly for their businesses.” (read more)

Also check out this great article by Barbara Miner at NOT Waiting for Superman:

Two decades ago, challenges to public schools were spearheaded by groups such as the Christian Coalition, a grassroots, church-based phenomenon that sought to abolish the U.S. Department of Education and to elect religious conservatives who could take over local and state school boards. Today’s bipartisan corporate reformers tend to sidestep democracy altogether by abolishing school boards, promoting mayoral control, and hiring corporate-style CEO’s who answer to a city’s power elite. No longer preoccupied with abolishing the U.S. Department of Education, they instead use their wealth to effectively control it and to dictate reform.

This developing alliance is evident in Waiting for Superman. (read more)

Very interesting.

You know that mantra that the “education deformers” use, the one that “poverty doesn’t matter”?  Well, that’s obviously where that comes from.  Why bother worrying about whether kids have enough food in their bellies to pay attention when you can just give them charters?

Problem solved!  Just don’t “trickle down” on our kids, please.

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