Really great introspective blog post about “reform”

Mark Waxman is a Denver-area educator, with long ties to national charter school chains. He writes an introspective blog post over at EdNews Colorado about the value of education…what’s it for? What do we intend for our kids?

While he is decidedly a person in favor of innovation in the classroom, he seems to have a very objective approach that we applaud here at DeFENSE.

Read, and come back here and discuss.

1 thought on “Really great introspective blog post about “reform””

  1. Until recently, Marc Waxman was the director of the New Schools department at DPS. The same Marc Waxman that is pushing SOAR charter schools in Montbello and the Innovative hassle at Ford Elementary in the 2009-2010 school year. The goal is to close failing schools and replace them with “new ones” (charters). We have already been informed SOAR is the charter school that will replace Ford next fall. Direct quote from an internal, “DPS and A+ Denver have not recommended physically closing Ford but recommend that Ford be replaced with a new school (charter) which would be either SOAR II or Denver Center for International Studies.” Mr. Waxman was and is connected to DPS and is fully aware of the frustrations, anger, resentment and lack of trust communities have for DPS based on letters and memos sent to his office. I believe he uses his internal knowledge to advance his ambitions. Would using confidential information and internal contacts be a sign of Mr. Waxman dubiousness beliefs? If Mr. Waxman believes so intensely in his vision, why wasn’t a SOAR charter school located at Stapleton or nearby Park Hill instead of building a new $18 million public school there? Mr. Waxman has two charter schools in a minority, poverty neighborhood–one run by his wife, another DPS administrative employee. In the process, the Waxmans eliminated qualified teachers and have not informed or included the neighborhood in the decision-making. Don’t be fooled by his intellectual babble, he is just another “snake oil salesman” selling junk to naive consumers for the billion dollar organization Oakwood Homes.

    However, this saintly individual’s takes credit for “starting” the Future Leaders Institute. That statement implies that the charter school was the sole creation of Mr. Waxman. The Future Leaders Institute website clearly states the charter school was “developed out of the vision of a small group of New York City public school teachers.” After New York Mr. Waxman came to Denver, Colorado to accomplish what he could not in New York.

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