Proposed censure of pro-collaborative reform school board members without merit

As you probably heard, board president Nate Easley is in a lather about three board members accepting an invitation from the Colorado Lawyers Committee to attend a meeting about their concerns about the plans for the Montbello area schools.  They are accused of violating the Colorado open meetings law, which we feel is a charge without merit and which is a distraction from the real business of the board.

Apparently, the teacher’s union has gotten a legal opinion about this situation.  This just in from the DCTA website:

“We felt it necessary to set the record straight as soon as possible,” stated Henry Roman, DCTA president.  “Thursday night, the DPS school board will be deciding the fate of several schools, hundreds of teachers and a large number of our student population.

This time ought to be spent carefully listening to DPS patrons on these issues – instead of wasting time on internal DPS Board issues.  If there had been a violation of the law – there might be a reason to discuss it – but this legal opinion clearly states that is not the case.    We urge the Board to concentrate on the business they were elected to do Thursday night –  instead of engaging in false accusations of one another.”

You can download the legal opinion here.

Instead of targeting members that are pushing for more community engagement and the equitable treatment of English-language learners and special-needs students, why not instead focus on these areas? Nate Easley, don’t you have better things to focus on?

1 thought on “Proposed censure of pro-collaborative reform school board members without merit”

  1. The three board members are to be commended and thanked for being the moral conscience of the most egregiously corrupt and fraudulent school system in Colorado. Lies, cover-ups, deceit, smoke screens, scapegoating, and witch-hunts are the approach bullies are using to protect their territory.

    Nate, stop patrolling the outside boundaries and start connecting with the hostages inside. If we can’t talk to you, we’ll talk about you. Make a concentrated effort to reflect on ALL the messages the people you represent are sending, not just the tinkle of the master’s bell.

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