Nate Easley, voucher proponent

A lot’s been said about the despicable, race-baiting campaign launched by the LiFERs (Latinos for Education Reform).  It should be noted that these persons with Hispanic surnames don’t actually send their own kids to the zero-tolerance test prep labs that are the charter schools they promote.  No, their kids get to go to cool magnets and the better schools in town, because THEY DON’T ACTUALLY LIVE IN NEIGHBORHOODS WITH HIGH NUMBERS OF LATINO FAMILIES.

Turns out that the LiFERs are really just a front for the pro-voucher movement.  You remember vouchers, right?  It’s the experiment normally tried on low-income communities to slide out of the social contract to provide a sound and equitable public education to every child in America.  You know, like the experiment in Milwaukee that never worked, not even after 20 years of heartfelt trying.

And for all the gnashing of teeth about “accountability,” LiFER’s high-powered cadre of influential folks can’t seem to get the federal nonprofit organization functions right.  They’re apparently having trouble filing the right legal documents to bash pro-community candidates and promote their corporate reform slate.

That would be bad enough, except that it’s come to light that one of the signers of the race-baiting campaign, Myles Mendoza, is a voucher proponent.  Not only does he:

But now he’s so much of a big, fat voucher proponent that he even threw a party at his Castle Rock home in May of this year when Douglas County passed their faux-charter-for-vouchers scheme.

And then he tried to cover his tracks.  That was good for a few laughs.

But upon closer scrutiny of the party pictures, who do we see gazing lovingly up at the speakers?  Well, it’s northeast Denver’s own “representative,” Dr. Nate Easley.  Himself.  In the flesh.

DPS President Nate Easley supports vouchers
Nate is enthralled by the talk about vouchers has more.

Wow, Nate.  Just when we thought you wouldn’t stoop any lower than to turn coat on your community within hours of winning your election, now we see that you’re also willing to privatize and destroy your community’s public schools.

By the way, he’s endorsed Jennifer Draper Carson, the Stand for Children poster child in northwest Denver.


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