Help us document civil rights violations at Montbello High

A parent writes us:

I wanted to pass along some more info on what is happening up at Montbello High School.  On Thursday Mr. Smith (principal) let all the students know that they are no longer allowed to have water bottles in the class room.  The reason behind this is because they don’t know what is actually in the bottles.  Next they had an incident that should have put them in lockdown.  The incident was a student was making threats that he was going to shoot some people at school.  Basically he was going to bring a gun to school.  They did call the authorities but never went into lockdown.  Also tensions are so high that there are at least 2 fights a day, on some days there are more.  Our son feels that this is caused by what is happening with the school and the tensions between the staff and the administration.  I do hope that things don’t get too out of hand where all the parents feel the safety of their child is compromised.

It’s obvious that Principal Smith has lost control of the situation.  It appears that he’s ready to call the police when it’s time to harass students but not when their safety might be compromised.

What did Boasberg promise you for your complicity, Smith?

We’re also hearing reports of violations of civil rights of students, including non-lawful confiscations of cell phones and other personal property.  We do know that students were corralled in the school building on the day they decided to protest and were met by the Denver Police as they tried to leave the building.  We’re also hearing that parents are no longer allowed in the building.

Are you hearing stories as well?  Are you being harassed at Montbello High?  Send us an email at  Your personal information will be kept confidential, and we will use the information to determine whether legal (or other) help will be needed.

We are also starting to gather video testimony from students and parents about the situation.  If you’d like to participate, again, email us also at and include your phone number.  If you are a student, please have your parent or guardian send us a permission email for you too.

It’s time for the rest of the city to truly understand what’s happening at Montbello.

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