Get involved!

Get involved!

We defend the original intent of public education in the United States: ensuring equity and excellence for ALL. We defend the rights of school communities to use collaborative, non-corporate reforms to transform themselves into sustainable learning communities. There is ample proof that this approach works. We believe in the parents voice in schools, teachers having freedom to do their best for kids without fearing for their jobs, and a fully accountable and transparent school district governance.

So…do you want to get involved and help us take back our schools?

Please sign to help, using the form below.  Please know that we will NEVER share your information with anyone outside the core group of DeFENSE organizers.  Because of the retaliatory nature of the DPS central administration, we feel this is necessary.  We will never identify you without your expressed permission, because you deserve the right to advocate for public education in Denver without fear of repercussion.


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