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  1. This is the same game plan implemented in all of these “takeover” schemes. They bring in an “educator” with no/very little experience because what they really need/want is a corporate manager to administer their program. The writing down of questions, so they can avoid real discussion, is SOP in meetings with Jeffco officials, especially the superintendent. The ability to “fire” teachers at will is the most important component to insuring profit margins. No teacher will be allowed to move up the salary scale and a perpetual rotation of beginning teachers will ensue.

    Ever work for a company where they bring in a new manager with big ideas for increasing performance? You know the script, you do the work, they take the glory. Anybody who raises doubts is “not a team player” or “stuck in the old paradigm.” Then when their plans fail, it’s the workers fault not the dumb ideas they brought in. Education is not an industry and should not be treated as such. Do the math, kids on free or reduced lunch will, with a few exceptions, always be the low performers. Poverty and poor educational performance are absolutely locked together. If you take them out of the equation the schools test results will be dramatically different. This dynamic only changes when you have cheaters like Michelle Rhee (Washington D.C.) who come in and make the numbers jump with the selective use of erasers.

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