Easley snubs Black educators

Apparently Nate Easley (Northeast Denver’s school board member) blew off a meeting with the Black Education Advisory Council, because we were copied on the following email:


Dr. Easely,

As you suggested, I worked out a meeting date with Tiffany in your office for 5:00pm, Tuesday, Nov. 30.  I talked to her on three occasions regarding the time, place, date, prospective attendees, Etc.  BEAC had four representatives at the agreed site, The Warwick Hotel, as agreed upon.  You did not show up for the meeting on Black teacher employment.  You nor your office called or e-mailed me that your plans had changed.  You did not give BEAC the courtesy of notification that you would not attend.  This was a shocking lack of professionalism, perhaps an intended insult to BEAC.  I have never in many years working with school boards and elected officials in cities accross the country seen such callous disregard for citizens addressing the public’s business.  If you don’ t intend to deal with public issues and groups you should resign your position, or as they say in my neighborhood, “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

You amaze me.

Lawrence Borom
Chairman, Black Education Advisory Council

Perhaps Nate was hanging out with Geoffrey Canada instead.  Whatever it  was, he apparently doesn’t think that African-Americans have anything important to say about education or about the need to have culturally-competent classroom instruction for Denver’s kids, or maybe even about potential discriminatory hiring/firing practices for teachers.

Maybe it’s time for the heat in the kitchen to switch on.

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