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Community is alien to some.We have more from the “take me to your leader” file.  This time, the publisher of EdNews Colorado, Alan Gottlieb, wrote to us to find out more about who we are. We decided to let Cherry Creek News take a stab at answering, since being a community-friendly publication has obviously given them the keen insight into why a group like ours should exist.

Is the corporate-reform crowd really so tone deaf that they don’t understand the deep discontent they sow?  Are their ears really so closed to the oft-stated preference of Denver residents for well-resourced neighborhood schools?

Here’s just a tidbit:

Q. Why is it so hard to find out who your leadership is? In fact, you even turn off the Facebook function that allows someone to “see all” of the people who “like” you. Why? I really believe that you have nothing to hide, so why do all this stuff that seems like subterfuge? When reporter Nancy Mitchell (SIC) asked these questions no one ever replied. But when she asked for the alternative plan for FNE, someone responded immediately.

A. Classically, Alan is unable to conceptualize of an organization that is truly grounded in the community and its concerns. Groups can operate on a consensus basis, with no leaders. In fact, Alan, you don’t have to have a six-figure salary, based upon million-dollar donors, and a stack of org charts to have an organization. And Alan, if you “like” DeFENSE on Facebook, you can see who also “likes” DeFENSE. What you take as subterfuge is your own incompetence.


Read the rest of Cherry Creek’s defense of, well, DeFENSE, here.

We also find Gottlieb’s opinion piece of today, in which he basically calls community “babies,” pretty tiresome too.  “Grow up,” he admonishes.  Read more about why he thinks community needs to be in time out, here.

Then come back and let your comments rip here.

You see, we’re not interested in working within the corporate-reform paradigm.  They have long forgotten our voices, the cries of our children, and the promise of collaborative reform.  They have tried to co-opt the hard-fought gains of real civil rights struggle by using its imagery to fool unsuspecting communities into buying their failed bill of goods (only 17% of all charters are even marginally better than a neighborhood school).  “Education is a civil right,” they cry.  “Poverty doesn’t matter,” they rail.  But we’ve tried it their way, and we have nothing but dismantled neighborhoods and distressed students languishing in even worse schools to show for it.

“Fool me once,” one man said.  “You’ve been led astray,” says the other.  No thanks.  We’re reclaiming equitable education for our kids, regardless of their race, creed or income level.  We’re taking back Denver’s schools for Denver’s kids.

3 thoughts on “Cherry Creek News answers Gottlieb”

  1. Guerin sent me the link to his frothing-at-the-mouth ad hominem “response” yesterday. And he was even gracious enough to correct the initial misspelling of my last name when I pointed it out. It’s sad that you consider this a valid response to my questions, and that you simply spit back tired, inaccurate insults and labels at people who really are trying to have a dialogue. So much for your credibility.

    Also, you completely and I would guess deliberately misread my piece from yesterday. Nowhere did I call”community” “babies.” Not even close. I admonished everyone on the school board and in the DPS administration.

    Why don’t you try dispensing with the name-calling and shallow propaganda and try following the lead of some of your more thoughtful members, who debate issues on their merits and welcome dialogue?

    1. Mr. Gottlieb, here is precisely what the last sentence in your opinion piece says:

      So, note to board members, administrators, teachers, advocates and community members on both sides of the issue: Grow up!

      We interpret that to mean that you believe community’s speaking out is somehow childish. We chose to use the descriptor “babies.” Child, baby; tomato, tomahto…

  2. Oh, Alan, that stings.
    Here’s the definition of irony. DeFENSE allows you to comment on its website, while you censor and scour the comments on yours. Here’s another one: “Guerin sent me the link to his frothing-at-the-mouth ad hominem ‘response’ yesterday.” See, characterizing my piece as “frothing-at-the-mouth” as ad hominem is ironic. Get it?

    Just in case you’re further in doubt, we updated our newspaper piece that listed your ad hominem attacks last year. Your ad hominem attacks that you have never taken responsibility for– even your role in escalating the rhetoric of personal destruction you began with attacks on Andrea Merida, Jeanne Kaplin and Christopher Scott more than a year ago.
    We remember, Alan. And we have a pretty complete set of emails from you as well, which we hope that iTunes will repackage as a “boxed set,” now that the Beatles matter is out of way…

    Gentle readers, hit the for a rundown on Alan’s funding, and the thin veneer of legitimacy papering over Alan’s funders and their pointed agendas.

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