Merrill Middle School community fights collocation – you can help

Our children deserve better. Our community deserves better. We are working diligently to see that the location of C3 is not at Merrill, but elsewhere.

From concerned parents and community at Merrill Middle School:

Merrill Middle School

Merrill is in jeopardy of losing valuable space for our middle school students.  Through the joint efforts of a group of Cory and Merrill parents, a master plan, which will soon be presented, is in the works for an incredible neighborhood community-oriented middle school right on our campus.  Having C3 move into the building and take away our computer labs, gym space, art space, outdoor space, etc., we will no longer have the opportunity to use our middle school building for its intended purpose, and we will not have the chance to implement our master plan into our campus.  The Merrill building, by today’s standards, holds much less than the 1,000 students DPS is trying to sell us, unless, of course, you are counting closets and bathrooms as classroom space.  Our children deserve better.  Our community deserves better.

We are working diligently to see that the location of C3 is not at Merrill, but elsewhere.  But we do need your help.  Please consider signing this petition (below).  Each signature counts. Thank you, and please pass along to others!!!!

Also, please join the Merrill community at the following two meetings:

  • Wednesday, September 14th at 4:30 p.m. – meeting with Tom Boasberg at Merrill Middle School.  Q and A session.
  • Thursday, September 15th at 6:30 p.m.- Denver School Board meeting at 900 Grant Street.

Your presence is important. P.S. – for more information on the new Merrill master plan on the Cory Merrill Campus, please contact

A little background

DPS proposes collocating a new concept elementary school, called C3, in Merrill Middle School. As with the charter schools, this admission-by-application program would be available to students throughout the region and would not specifically alleviate southeast Denver’s elementary overcrowding problem. If placed at Merrill, the C3 will take up to 1/3 of the Middle School space, including the Computer Lab and Art Room, eliminating elective courses and cause overcrowding in the classrooms. It would also inhibit the community’s ability to expand the Middle School with neighborhood kids.

DPS is prepared to spend $750,000 to retrofit the building to accommodate a younger population of students, but fails to take into consideration how it will accommodate these students when they grow to middle school level.

Please sign and share this petition.  It’s only through this type of grassroots action that we can tell the DPS administration that we want our community-centered schools.

Here’s the petition: