Are Boasberg’s education days numbered?

When one of the metro area’s most conservative papers calls for the termination of DPS Superintendent Tom Boasberg, you know the wheels are starting to finally come off the little yellow school bus.

We quote from the February 2012 editorial from The Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle, “(t)he first thing the new DPS board member should do is to lead the fight to fire Boasberg as superintendent.”  The entire editorial is below.

Now, we don’t agree with the paper’s assessment that this is about the teacher’s union.  In fact, they have been toothless for quite a while, even in the face of full-frontal attacks on due process, so much so that they even hopped on the bond/mill levy bandwagon, hoping to catch some scraps from the table in the form of a measly 1 percent raise.  This is no Chicago Teachers Union.  We’ll be clear, though:  we support the due process rights of experienced teachers, as well as their right to collectively bargain.

Anyway, here’s the editorial…

Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle Editoral: Terminate Tom Boasberg