District 4 residents scarce among Easley’s donors

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When Nate Easley’s constituency says, “we’ve had enough,” who does he turn to? Why, rich donors outside of District 4, of course!

Nate has received over $35,000 in contributions to his recall campaign. Almost $20,000 of those contributions came from Denver Scholarship Fund board members, or the people that ultimately oversee his job.  Scott Reiman, Jack Kim, David Scanavino, Terry Leprino, Barbara Grogan and Steve Kris are all on the DSF Board.

One interesting donor, Wesley Brown, is a co-director of St. Charles Capital.  Know who else is a co-director of St. Charles Capital?  You guessed it.  Nate’s school board colleague, Bruce Hoyt.

And we see a nice $5,000 donation from everyone’s favorite gentrifier, Oakwood Homes, who even have a foundation that agitated for the blow-up of the Montbello-area schools. Payment for services rendered, apparently.

With the notable exception of three donors contributing a whopping $300 among them, almost none of the donors listed here live in Nate Easley’s district.

Easley's latest incoming donations

And expenditures?  Interestingly enough, most of his expenses are being paid to Victoria Scott-Haynes, wife of a former Denver Bronco, a former local Obama campaign consultant, and relative of Happy Haynes (director of community outreach at DPS).  Good to know that Boasberg’s networking with board members and families.

Good experience…we hear that Boasberg is sending Happy Haynes out into the public as a new candidate to replace Theresa Pena’s at-large school board seat.  Nice politicking, Boasberg!

Easley's campaign expenses

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