A teacher’s open letter to Nate Easley

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My cat just died, so I’m having a pretty lousy evening.  I’ve been  watching her die for the last three days.  I didn’t have enough money to  take her to the vet.

You know what else is bugging me, Nate?

  • We got a new student at my school this week – a thirteen-year-old girl  from Honduras who just spent four months  alone in a detention center in Texas.  I’ll be “to blame” for her CSAP scores in two weeks.
  • We got a new student at my school this week – an 8th grade boy who  lives next to Bryant-Webster and attended there since 3rd grade.  He just returned from living with his mom in New Mexico for the past 6 months, and you know what?  He was DENIED attending Bryant-Webster.  Isn’t that a PUBLIC school, Nate?  You know, like a PUBLIC library?  Like a Post Office?  Where EVERYONE can go?
  • My daughter woke up with a fever on Monday morning.  I brought her to work with me, because I knew it was unlikely to get a sub at 7:15 a.m. on a Monday.  That’s how dedicated I am.

You’re being recalled not because of being Nate, but because of all that you stand for.  You and your rich folks’ clubs who pop in to “help” education could have been doing something all along to help education. Pay TAXES.  Are you willing to stand up for taxes so that schools don’t have to scrimp and save to help children who are desperate for a safe
place and a good education?  Probably not.  And that’s why you’ll be recalled, if I have to walk around and get the last  signatures myself.

Because I have to be in the union in order to create a more just system…and to beg for a salary that might allow me to have enough money to bring my dying animal to the vet.


A Teacher Who Canvassed to Get You Elected

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