More “Superman” Mendacity

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Seriously, these people aren’t even trying anymore.

Just making it up

Leonie Haimson, the executive director of New York’s Class Size Matters, has just eviscerated the fact-checking team over at the Waiting for Superman house.  It turns out that it’s ok to just spout off pseudo-facts as if they were truth…until someone actually fact-checks your story.

From Haimson’s post over at the NYC Public School Parents blog:

As a parent, I support a higher standard for teacher tenure and more rigorous teacher evaluation systems. I have seen my own children suffer as a result of poor teaching, though this has occurred as often in schools without union protections as those that were unionized. An improved evaluation system would take into account not only test score data, but also feedback from other teachers, administrators, students and parents.

But at this point, we simply cannot trust the corporate oligarchy currently making policies for our schools to create a fair evaluation system, including those who backed Waiting for Superman, given their proclivity to misuse and distort data, as shown by the egregiously inaccurate figures cited in the film.

Rather than a documentary, perhaps the movie should be re-categorized, with an appropriate disclaimer, as an urban myth.

Indeed.  Read the rest of the blog post here.

Kind of sounds like the stuff that gets shoveled at DPS parents, doesn’t it?  Like the one about how great the district is performing?  What a great thing that Tom Boasberg wants to do everything New York City does.  But don’t worry: he won’t get any achievement gains, either.

Read, then come back and comment.

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