AFT president on the truth about tenure

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Randi Weingarten is the president of the American Federation of Teachers, one of the two teacher’s unions (the NEA is the other).  Here in Denver, the lion’s share of unionized teachers belong to the NEA (DCTA is the local affiliate).

This video is a great, easy-to-understand piece of information about what “tenure” really is, what good evaluation systems should do, and the overall state of the teaching profession in America.

Let’s get one fact straight, though.  “Tenure” is what university professors get as a result of publishing works and other value they bring to a higher education institution.  This is not the same as a union contract that basically provides due process and the rights to fair hearings before termination, etc.  K-12 teachers that are members of a union receive these basic workplace protections.  They do not receive immunity from firing, and in Denver, teachers can be terminated in as little as 90 days.  Their DCTA contract spells out the process for documenting deficiency, as well as a grievance process.

Anyway, here’s the video. Watch, then discuss in the comments section.

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